Friday, May 23, 2008


Yesterday morning I heard in the 7 O'clock news in the morning that the woods in Santa Cruz mountain were on fire. I was driving to work towards north and at the spot I faced south on my journey I saw the thick smoke above those mountains far in the south. I felt deeply sorry. Later that day, on the way back from work I was heading south all the way and spotted the smoke again, this time a huge cloud of smoke above the mountain, yet further south.
Arman woke up early this morning, he usually does. Like the day before the first thing he asked for was Scarloui, his new found train. He loves train. And his favorite show is Thomas the Tank Engine. He watched me getting ready and then he stood by me and bowed and rose in prayer. Later, when I was shining my shoes preparing to leave he asked if I would tune the TV to the Thomas show, I accepted I would. I suggested him to grab Scarloui and watch the show with him. He flew to his room to bring it shouting "Merci maami" happily. He calls me "maami" when he is totally pleased or in his playful mode, and I adore it.
I turned on the TV. There was news on the last channel we watched last night. It was about legalizing gay marriage in California. There were hugs and happy cries in support of the act.
Thomas is on now. Arman is happily watching and waiving goodbye to me.
I open the door. There is smoke, a very strongly smelled smoke, in front of my door!


Nazy said...

What a beautiful piece of writing, Nimeh Shab! So poetic and full of emotion. You felt so many emotions and you described them so very well my friend. Thank you.

My younger son's most favorite character was Thomas the Tank Engine, too! I have saved one of his toys and some of his books. Cherish these days Leila Jan. Before you know it, Arman is driving a car and going to college and work like my son is now.

Take care azizam.

nimshab said...

Nazy joon you are so very king towards my writing. I always think about you. I wish we can meet up again soon. I am very busy lately (not an excuse!).

Anonymous said...

do you know where i can get Scarloui?