Thursday, March 27, 2008

reading twice

we had decided to wear skirt/dress at work today with my girl colleagues. Here is an e-mail I sent this morning which made my colleagues to read it twice to understand!

"Morning summary girls,

I am afraid it is on the chilly side this morning, the same day we decided to go summary. No complaint about the weather though. I hope the nature never acts democrat, then especially in CA it should be sunny every day. Which means no wind or rain, which means no fruit or vegetation, no ranch for horses and cows, ... it will be just sunny!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Hotel, Again

I am in a hotel room, but this time my M and A are with me. After a long day of talks and presentation and missing them it was soothing knowing that I can be with my beloved ones just with an elevator ride.
Tomorrow night the year will change. Happy Nowruz in advance!
Thanks God for 1386!

Friday, March 14, 2008


We have started a 30-minute afternoon walk with two other colleagues. There is a creek running right beside the building I work in. The path is pretty with fresh green grass. Usually you see ducks floating on the water or napping by the bank. It is such a relaxing scenery. I have started to appreciate dedicating this walk to myself. Considering the fast pace of our lives and the urge at work to deliver before time, where it is very common to have your lunch at your desk, it is really an effort to find 30 minutes to dedicate to oneself.

Friday, March 7, 2008

جهان و کار جهان

یا حق

گفته بودم انگار در ذهن عوام رییس جمهور یعنی مرد سفید. که چرا به زن بودن یا سیاه بودن گیر میکنیم قبل از اینکه مغز و دل را محک بزنیم. امشب در برنامه ها میشنوم که کسی همین نقد را میکند. انگار آنچه گفته بودم انقدر هم که تصور میکردم واضح نبود! جای بحث و گفتگو داشت تا به این نتیجه برسیم!؟... "حجاب چهره جان"!

"نشان اهل خدا عاشقی است با خود دار که در مشایخ شهر این نشان نمیبینم"

شاید مشکل از محک زدن نیست. مشکل خود محک است.

امشب تکه های فیلم سنتوری که در نت هست را دیدم. و قسمتهایی از ماجرای آنها که نداریم. و این برنامه در مورد آن گروه تابع آن دین و آن گروه مشتاق آن کشور و آن گروه مرگ خواه آن مردم و کتاب و روایت و کلام و تفسیر و نقل و خطابه... حالا به هر زبان... افسانه و افسونی که مدهوش میکند...

"بگذار تا ز شارع میخانه بگذریم کز بهر جرعه ای همه محتاج آن دریم"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the sweetest imagination

Arman has started giving personality to his toys, especially Boo, his favorite stuffed animal in the shape of a frog. Yesterday he sat on his chair, while Boo was laying there before Arman. So he started laughing sweetly as he was sharing the sit with Boo. Then he realized the sit is too small for them both and he was crushing Boo. So he laughed even louder! Hugging Boo, he started sharing his snack with it :)
Later, his color pencils became alive. He would call them each by their colors, and then talk to each of them individually and then shoot each to one corner.
Later, playing withtoy jungle animals, he started feeding the Elephant and the Giraffe from the small toy tree leaves.
I adore this imagination he has got.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

یک یکشنبه بعد از ظهر

آه ه ه ه

م و آرمان خوابند و من بعد از مدتهاااااا رسیدم کمی وبگردی کنم. حس خوبیه!


باز باران با ترانه و بهار با طراوت و نویی در راهه. هر سال این روزهای اسفند که میشه حس خوب و شگفتی دارم. انگار یک جور امید که سال که نو میشه کلی تغییرهای نو و (خدا بخواهد) مثبت هم باهاش همراهه.

این چند ماه گذشته اینجا خیلی بارون اومد. این هفته های اخیر که هوا هم رو به گرمی بود من رو یاد ایام نوروز اصفهان مینداخت: نم بارون و بوی خاک نم خورده و بوی شکوفه ها و نوییه سبزی چمنها و ... هیچوقت با خودم چتر نمیبردم بیرون. بارونهای اونجا رو خیلی دوست داشتم.

امسال ظاهرا لحظه سال تحویل ما در حومه واشنگتن خواهیم بود. قرار شد یک سفره هفت سین مینیاتوری بچینیم. به تعبیر خواهر کوچیکه سالی پر از سفر خواهد بود و به امید خدا سفرهای خوب.