Friday, December 31, 2010

The Old New Year

Last year on such a day we were in Santa Barbara, CA. It was a wonderfully sunny and peaceful day at the coast; I got a chance to write my New Year's resolutions part of which surprisingly got published in Santa Barbara Daily when they were interviewing random visitors in downtown S.B.
Then the New Year came, 2010.
I was thinking today, on the last day of that new year, while sitting in my mom's house in Isfahan, that it was one of the most interesting years in my life, if not the most interesting one. One very interesting part of it was this recent trip of mine to the home country itself.
- I got a chance to visit a few customer physicians along with the sales people here and get a feeling of the market here. It was way above my expectations.
- The pollution in the cities is unbelievable. It is so amazing not to be able to see the famous Kooh Sofeh mountain on the Isfahan city skirt! I wish I had never seen such a scene!
- Then the talks my dad made and then my mom. It was surprising to find them talk about stuff you anticipate to hear from parents 20 years older than mine. But I think I understand.
- I am so grateful for the time I got to talk with my brothers. Shocking, but has made me prideful. Not to mention the reunion with my sisters.
- M and I got a chance to rediscover some forgotten points in our relationships.
- A is having a great time, receiving lots of love and attention, and eased out in playing with other kids. Especially with his newly discovered cousin.

Another interesting point of 2010 for me was my huge job shift from purely technical in R&D to somewhat technical in Marketing. I consider that an achievement.

Last night I got a chance to write my new year's resolutions and also reread my 2010 resolutions. I am amazed how things came true! Now, what will be the writings on Dec 31st, 2011?

Happy 2011 every one! Peace and salaam!


maman said...

Wellcome Home

maman said...

Is there any chance to meet you here in Esfahan

midnight/... said...

Thanks maman!
I wish I could! It was already a couple days before our departure when I posted this post and I just got a chance ro read your comments. May be another time? I will try to let you know earlier next time enshaalaa.