Sunday, December 5, 2010

My special day

It is nice to have a special day! I enjoy my day a lot. It does matter to me, the day, and any thing that happens in that day comes across as significant, even when it is an email from a CEO with the subject of "the power to transfer".
I feel happy and satisfied. I like to document all the nice happenings during the past couple of days to remember...
I got an unexpected free special mocha in the morning, I received lots of notes and emails and hugs from colleagues over the course of the day, absolutely surprisingly I received a bouquet of Lily from a friend; a novel, lunch with closer colleagues, calls from yet more friends and families, and dinner with my small family. My M and A gave me very beautiful pearls.
We planted three trees yesterday and I cherish the coincident. And thanks to M's scheduling and inviting I had a very joyful time with friends at dinner.
Cheers to a wonderful special day!

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