Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the sweetest imagination

Arman has started giving personality to his toys, especially Boo, his favorite stuffed animal in the shape of a frog. Yesterday he sat on his chair, while Boo was laying there before Arman. So he started laughing sweetly as he was sharing the sit with Boo. Then he realized the sit is too small for them both and he was crushing Boo. So he laughed even louder! Hugging Boo, he started sharing his snack with it :)
Later, his color pencils became alive. He would call them each by their colors, and then talk to each of them individually and then shoot each to one corner.
Later, playing withtoy jungle animals, he started feeding the Elephant and the Giraffe from the small toy tree leaves.
I adore this imagination he has got.


roya said...

سلام منو ياد صداي هايده و زهزمه اين جملات انداختين:عروسك جوون فدات شم تو هم قلبت شكسته!يه دنيا اشك حسرت توي چشمات نشسته!منم مثل تو بودم يه روز تنهام گذاشتن!يه دنيا اشك حسرت توي چشمام گذاشتن!!!دل اسباب بازيا واسه آرمان كوچك تنگ ميشه!!!ممنون به وبلاگ من سر زدين.آرزومند شادي هايتان هستم

Anonymous said...

salam salam Leila googoolie man,
chet met?
in Armane jeegare mano hesabi becheloonesh lotfan, begoo pas key miay ba khale Goli bazi koni akhe?
inja commentaye mano mikhoree :((
migam ke ma shayad baz biaym tarafye shoma, ye kam paeen tar albate ! tooye mahe June. hastin biyan ba ham berim gashto gozar ;) ?


nimshab said...

رویا جان ممنون از همراهیتون در این خونه محقر من.

nimshab said...

گلی! چه خوب که داری میای! البته که میایم بریم گشت و گذار!