Thursday, July 31, 2008


Happy Eid!

Suddenly things are back in place in my mind. I have been debating on so many things all of which were dependent on some other things in my life. So it was almost impossible to decide on them all at once. Then during the past holy week a decision some one else made indirectly limited my options and since then I have been thinking more clearly. This partial clarity in my mind was very much required. Last night I made a decision on another subject which yet again made me see my path even more transparent. Of course nothing is definite and this fact is another relief by itself; I am flexible enough to change path. After all these, looking at my desired destination, I convey my boat to the waves of life and will trust God to put me to a calm coast, may be even to the ultimate destiny if S/He mays.


Anonymous said...

Salaam nimshab joon,

I have been regularly reading your blog but I usually do not post messages. I hope everything goes really well and KHEIR for you.

By the way, we have been trying to call you and possibly visit you but the last couple of weeks have been really crazy. Hope to see you soon!

Wish you the best,

nimshab said...

Thanks Bita joon. We will be happy to have you over :)