Thursday, August 14, 2008

love and imagination

1) We were at relatives' place on Saturday. In the evening I carried A to the backyard to show him the night sky, the moon, and the tall trees shadowing on the yard. He spotted a tree with pink flowers: "Wow! flowers, they are pink, they are beautiful, they're like mommy"! Since then every time he sees a pink flower he states the same observation "wow, gol, sooratie, ghashange, mesle maamaane"!

2) The other night I bent over his highchair to pull him out. He grabbed my neck in a hug pushing his chick to mine saying: "you are my love!" or actually " to eshghe mani!"!

3) Last night he was playing with his blanket on the floor bundling it this side and that side, then he claimed " I made a deer"!!! Then he changed the configurations claiming: " I made a chicken". All we could see was an untidy blanket... Remember the Boa who had swallowed an elephant and all that the grown ups could see was a hat in "The Little Prince"?


Parissa said...

خوش به حال این مامان صورتی. این هم از طرف من که نشون بدم با آ موافقم

nimshab said...

merci :)

Anonymous said...

akheyyy:) sooo cute!
Arvin's been reading the little prince, brought so many questions to his mind, It's amazing!
I remeber it, when I was a kid, all the time I was worried if the rose is going to alive when he goes back!