Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am guilty of writing so infrequently, and in English I know... Yet here I am, writing in my beloved blog.
I love the spirit these days. I came to work this morning finding a present from my new manager for the new year. It is a chocolate box with a small note. Some thing I would have never expected from him. And a card from a colleague. And a lunch gathering with a dozen other colleagues.
Tomorrow is going to be the last working day in 2008...
This is the year end and and yet I like the fact that this is a semi-end of the year for me. There is still months left of 1387.
Yalda night was memorable for me this year, Hafiz talked to us so nicely I feel the joy every time I remember our verse; Ours, my family's.
It is cloudy today... The other day, on the way to work, just when I turned a bend on a bridge to head north, there was a rainbow so pure and radiant you could feel God.
One thing I learnt: just to be, and to be grateful. Tough stuff I warn you, but so liberating, may be the ultimate destiny...
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
And Happy New Year!


Babak said...

Although it is not our new year, I believe any good day is a good time to celebrate and wish friends the best.
I hope that the joy of life keep coming to you day by day.

Anonymous said...

یه چیزی اون ور تر از مجرم هستی نیمه شب جان یک نگاهی به تاریخ آخرین پستت بکن

nimshab said...

Sure anonymous and cannot tell you that I am sorry, because I am not, I just miss writing. I am going to write more often now :)

nimshab said...

And thanks Babk for the note, so true what you said. Any plan to come to CA any time soon?