Thursday, February 5, 2009

a break

We are having a break from meetings and I am jumping to my blog sitting in the meeting room. Feels good, especially because I have a protective screen on my monintor and my neighbors wont know what I am typing.

We are watching The Sopranos. M just finished the last episode of the fifth season last night. I could not tolerate the violence again and I skept the last episode of this season. I liked the fourth season a lot I guess because the focus was the Soprano family. This fifth season was also interesting with new people getting introduced and new problems ...

I need a good English fiction. Any suggestion any one? The last book I read was "Runaway" by Alice Munro. Loved it.

Resuming the meeting ...


narges said...

liela jan salam
I'd read winter lodge by Susan Wiggs
and the high noon by Nora Robert ,they were good ,hope you enjoy them too
kiss your cute son for me

nimshab said...

salaam Narges joon,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. They sound like relaxing books you like to read at your leisure time, exactly what I was looking for :) Thanks for the note! You kiss your cute son for me too :)