Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Sunday

It was the first year I felt really like it was my day, not only my mom's! Interestingly when this morning I reminded S, that it was Mother's Day during our family chat that occurs every Sunday morning she informed that our mom was not attending the family chat so we could not congratulate her North American Mother's Day. It took her some time to realize that she could congratulate me too ;) Last year we were all in Canada for the mother's day, my mom, S, A, and me. I was happy that I was with my mom that day. S bought us each a purse which was a very sweet act of hers as sweet as she always is.
My mother's day really started on Friday with an orange flower from work, and then messages and phone calls from friends and families, it was really nice of them all. Today my M had arranged us/me a very nice day: We had a very peaceful brunch at our favorite brunch place late in the morning. Then we went to the mall to buy my present which M could not buy without my presence: a new pair of sunglasses! I had just bought a pair, but they are white and rather cheap. M thought they were not suiting all of my outfits which was so true. I love the new pair A gave me today, no need to say.
We had a very nice afternoon resting in our family bed; I was reading my new book! M and A were reciting poems. A was especially a sweet son today; plus he had less "accidents" for the day.
Early evening we all went for a run/walk/stroll around the block. I was running away from M and A for the duration of a song I was listening to and then running back to them during the second song the way M had suggested. At the third song A decided to join me. I had no idea he could run so fast! I was proud and happy to find him such a fit runner!
After his bath this evening and listening to dad's stories A slept like a charm, being so tired of the run of course!
It was a great Sunday I did not want it to end! ... Happy Mother's Day to all MOMS!

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