Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Edmonton

It is nice to be away from all that fuss going on every day back home (i.e. where I live). It is great being with my mom and sister. A is with me, all cuddly and lovely and now that he is sleeping I feel like missing him so much. M is what we both lack. But Canada is welcoming as always with very polite and to some extend even apologetic people.


Nasim said...

Salaam Leila joon,

begoo che joori mishe bebinamet? kheyli delam mikhad bebinamet. man emrooz sare karam (too daneshgah). telephonamo barat e-mail mikonam behem zang bezan, ya to telephoneto bede.


midnight/... said...

I hope to see you too Nasim joon :)