Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am officially one year older now.
So the big day has come and gone and here I am, experiencing a new one.
It is interesting how the holidays are also approaching but I do not necessarily feel like slowing down. There are a lot to be done at home and work and this year the holidays seem to just add to the stress involved. May be that is because we are not planning to go away any where. But I am hopeful still.
A has been very fascinated with Xmas trees. I am thinking about getting him one next year.


somayeh said...

Happy Birthday Leila jan :-)

roya said...

why not this year? :) I got one and it somehow brought us the nice spirit of holidays and ofcourse P is enjoying a lot.

midnight/... said...

Thanks Somayeh joon ;)

midnight/... said...

I don't know Roya joon. I think it makes more sense when we are enshaalaa in our own house. Happy that you got your tree. Wish I could see it! Send us pix pls!