Thursday, February 11, 2010


The California poppies are blooming, the wildest orange flowers I adore. There are also the yellow wildflowers I don't know their name but similar to the ones bloom in spring back where I grew up. They recklessly cover an area of the wild greens yet they are very innocent in their beauty. These wildflowers remind me of my mother. I think she loved these flowers. I have an image of her in the middle of a vast prairie filled with these flowers and a wide smile on her face. I adored her when I was kid. I still do but I think in a different way.

A gave me a purple card in the shape of a heart with pink hearts pasted randomly on it. I loved it!


Nazy said...

Midnight Jan:

I think they are called California Mustard Flowers.

I miss you very much. Please consider the invisible pink hearts which I, too, am randomly pasting on this note for you, A, and M.


midnight/... said...

Nazy joon what a great surprise!! You have been in my mind a lot lately! Hearts and hugs and kisses to you too me dear friend! I have a lot to tell you but to tell you one of all, remember the book you read to A once, the "one fish two fish"? A lately has fallen in love with Dr Seuss' books and this is one of his favorites. Every time we read it it reminds me of you! How I have missed you!