Thursday, September 30, 2010

"The Painted Veil"

It was a long time I had not watched a movie. Months may be.
I got home late one night and there was no body there. Too late to do any thing, too silent to bear the loneliness. No cable or satellite TV but some recorded movies. I chose a 2006 movie happening in 1925 China. The title sounded appealing with added bonus of staring Naomi Watts. It turned out really exciting and interesting.
I enjoyed the illustration of ups and downs of emotions and reactions to the emotions through out the movie. I enjoyed the scenery and the costume. And most of all I enjoyed the liberating sensation of watching a movie to the end.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! What was the name of the movie?
You know what is even more interesting though? Me, sitting in a computer lab of a research center in Winnipeg, Manitoba and yet checking to see if you have updated your weblog :D


Anonymous said...

Stupid question!!! I saw the name of the movie :D


Mehrdad said...

and I am glad she finally updated her weblog. You can say I am biased, but her writing is most of the times mesmerizing to me :)

Mehrdad said...

By the way, Salma jan, take care in Winnipeg, hopefully it's not cold there yet :)

maman said...

Three years ago, I watched "Painted veil" on a channel which repeats movies again and again. I dont remember the name of it. We had some kind of sattelite those days and because I was very busy and also alone with my 2-months old baby, first I saw the second half of it, It captured me so I started to watch it again and then I saw the first half of it.
So I guess there are various ways mother watch movies :)
We just have to watch these movies, They are beautiful.

midnight/... said...

Sali joon I am flattered :) I know it was a long time I had not updated. boos

Mehrdad joon ghaabele shomaa ro nadaare ;)

Maman, I hope you get to watch more and more beautiful movies.