Thursday, May 26, 2011

The 5th

Well, if I say I hardly believe he is 5 it not only sounds too cliche but also is not true.  I know he is 5, and I love it.  And he seems to enjoy his days too!  He had a family and friend party last weekend and then a school party.
We picked him up early from school today and I told him he could ask for any thing he liked and we would make that happen.  He wished for Cold Stone ice cream first, so we headed to Down Town Los Gatos; then he requested Main Street Burger, then he wanted to feed the pigeons in the park, and right then he wished to go home!  I was thinking if it was my day, I wanted to walk the down town, possibly go to Sur le Table and buy some fun kitchen stuff, then sit in a coffee shop and watch people come and go and possibly chat with a couple chatty ones, and finally, I would like to have a delicious steak in a great restaurant at a table filled with laughing friends and family.  But my sunny son wanted to go home.  So home it was.
On the way back he asked to go through a car wash.  I thought that was a fun birthday wish, so car wash it was.
At home he wanted to play Monopoly; then to read a book, and finally made a shuttle with his Lego's with daddy.  Watching a couple kids programs were the last wish.
I have a lot to wish for him, I summarize it in wishing him a Happy Healthy Birthday and Many Many More!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arman joon!

maman said...

WooowHappy birthday
he is a big boy now

Somayeh said...

Happy Healthy Birthday to Arman and Many Many More :-)

MRB said...

Good luck arman
khoda pedar o madaret ro barat negah dare ishalah

midnight/... said...

Thank you all so very much for your beautiful wishes for my sunny son!:)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday cute sunny boyyyyyy !
che zood gozasht ! ... Love U

Shab said...

I have been thinking about him all days last week and didn't get to call him...
Happy Birthday arman joonam va tabrik be mamanesh babate zahamate faravanesh :)

midnight/... said...

Goli and Shab joonam you are such great and dear friends to me and A is so blessed to have you as my friends :)) boos boos