Saturday, August 6, 2011

So Long U.K.

Finally I am at Heathrow to leave.  Ah I don't want to even think about my 11 hour flight I am just happy right now to be at the Star Alliance lounge, sitting actually in the same spot I did last November when I was hear.  It is a blessing to be able to relax a bit; although I slept well last night I am very tired.

One observation to share: Britons are not as much of a consumers as Americans are.  Over and over I saw very old appliances and stationery's and equipments and furniture in hospitals and hotels.  It seems that it is common practice to consider that as long as something is functional there is no need to renovate it.  Which is indeed "green".

A couple of the hospitals were really really old, I could imagine WWII victims laying down in the corridors.  door after door and underground pass ways although equipments were fairly modern  but the facility itself was indeed old... but they said they were building new facilities for both of them.

So long United Kingdom!  It was a pleasure like always!


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