Monday, November 7, 2011

Sounds of An Empty House

Staying back at home alone; working from home for a few hours, meetings coming up, and a trip is awaiting me.
A is ecstatic; he has told me several times already that he couldn't wait for his upcoming trip with mommy.  It is a business trip but he is going with me for a change.  For him it is like a dream come true.
Somehow my heart is pounding in anticipation.  I tell myself what ever will be will be.  I recite how those who believe and take patience will be forsaken.  Yet I feel every beat of my restless heart and I cannot analyze it.  Is it the trip?  I am going to miss M I know.  But I have missed him before too...
The house is empty.  There are clicking sounds of my typing and the tic tic of the clock on the wall.
I log in to Pandora radio. "I'll be" is my first song.

I love the pain in his voice despite the hopeful words.

PS: Happy Eid!

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