Thursday, October 30, 2014

Antisocial with Social Media

I decided that Social Media is not for me.  I am a kind of person who think about every post, every comment, who reads all the news that intrigues me even when I am not ready, who watched all the enticing video clips.  I heard it once that checking Face Book in this time and era is like taking smoke breaks in the past.  It is a "break". Not for me, not anymore.  It was not a break but an invasion of unfiltered news and updates I was not always ready for.  As such, I left the Face Book for the second time with no regret so far.


Babak said...

I was somehow like you for awhile; concerned about my comments and posts. Like you, I took a break for few months and after I came back, I promised myself to avoid expressing my opinion unless my thoughts or experiences can really help someone (and I often send private messages rather than leaving comments).
However, I've found benefits in using FB. For instance, one of the grants that I'm going to submit was an idea that came to me when I saw one of my friend's defense title on FB.
I've 'Liked' some of the pages and programs that I enjoy (e.g., npr, PRI, Market place, along with other science newsfeeds) only to get their 'feeds'. To me, FB is something similar to the old google reader.
I don't mean to change your mind (I might leave FB again). But my current feeling toward FB is the same as what I feel about googling a topic; being bombarded by too much information! My emeritus adviser used to 'digest and dissect' fewer articles 30 years ago. But now, I have to skim over many more articles, most of which garbish, to find what I want.
Say, if our generation leaves FB, what experience can we teach the next generation?

midnight/... said...

salaam Babak! Good to read from you!
All good points. My decision to leave FB was based on a very personal need. I needed selected news and information, not everything from every corner of the world on any topic and with any opinion. I agree with logical benefits of FB; as opposed to the last time I haven't deactivated my account. I will check in once in a while I think. All the best to you and your research!