Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After all

After all, when there is a night of restless sleeping, there is no family to go to for comfort the next day.
After all, it is only you and me to talk to, about any thing and every thing, whether or not you want to listen.
After all, there is no home more suitable than yours, the one you =can always dine at impromptu.
After all, when something irritates you, you have to deal with it all by yourself. There is no one to take a break with, go shopping with, tell silly stories to laugh with, or just silently sit down and watch a movie with only to forget for a couple hours.
After all, we are immigrants here!


Salma said...

It was wonderful sis...I sometimes feel the exact same feeling. I remember a conversation between us a few years ago, while I was still challenging myself whether to leave my home country or not; being a single girl by that time I said I would be so lonely out of my country. While you had never been on your own there, you were never alone because you have always had M by your side. I will remember your answer for my whole life: you are always alone. Single or married, having plenty of friends or none, living with parents or on your own, human being has always been a lonely creature. And you have to face your life and all your problems just on your own. “LONELY”. I will never forget your words...while I really feel them by my heart now...Oh sister! I wished we lived in the same city.


midnight/... said...

Oh Sali joonam so do I!!