Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There are pictures of my teachers on the net. They have been posted there for a few months now and somehow I got to watch them tonight.
I look at her, my math teacher, her style, her eyes, her lips. She was always the symbol of self assurance to me. A person who knew who she was; she was who she wanted to be.
I look at them all. Some have grown much older than I remembered. They are happy though. All happy to be invited back to school I suppose. It was years ago, a decade ago that I was in that school. Studying to go to college, to dream about the future I have made myself today. Of course all along I had God directing me alhamdolellah!
I suddenly feel a deep agony to want to be back at school again. To wake up in the morning and go to school as if it was all that was to do in the world. To be with the friends I had to be with every day, for a whole year, for seven whole years!
This world is just a passing scene. Has always been, and will always be.
I think about her and her determination. Always and always. I would tell her when I meet here. I would tell her if I meet her, ever again.


Sani said...

I really like you saying "This world is just a passing scene. Has always been, and will always be". Between your lines, I read wisdom, peace of mind and no regret. Good for you!

midnight/... said...

wow! Thanks Sani joonam!