Saturday, March 20, 2010


A's preschool haft seen show was a success. M and I took A to preschool on Friday and showed off the haft seen we had prepared for him, children were mostly excited about the gold fish and their gifts. A was proud, I could tell. Walking into the building he kept looking back at me, smiling, leading the way. I was so excited for him. I remember the days either of my parents came to school, those were prideful days!
People at work like the haft seen I had spread over there too.
And finally I got lots of nice comments about my haft seen at home. The theme of my haft seen was khatam this year, well fit I think.
Happy Spring, Happy Nowruz, and Happy New Year to all! I wish for peace and love for the world! I am hopeful for a New Beginning!

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