Friday, April 23, 2010

Midnight 10K

1. I have been thinking about AA's mom a lot lately, a grandmother now, a lady who looks very fit and nice for her age, who goes to the gym every other day, whose voice resembles the pretty soft but firm voices of radio talk show hostesses, who stands tall and wears fashionable and pretty cloths. A housewife who is pretty knowledgeable about Iranian and American history, who has read lots and lots of books, who has interesting ideas about politics, and who enjoys her grandson a lot. I loved her the first time I met her. I think what I love about her the most is the fact that she knows who she is and acknowledges that. I hardly heard any wave of hesitation in her voice. She knows what could have gone better in her life but she knows why it didn't. She is an awesome woman in my eyes and I am going to miss her now that she is moving back to Iran.

2. I have decided to run a 10K race. Training for it is more difficult than I initially imagined. I have found a training schedule online and am trying to follow it. I actually modified the schedule with Mr E's input since he has already ran a Marathon and knows the intensity of the program already. Based on the modified schedule I am supposed to run 3 miles this Saturday, my first Saturday into the program. I am excited about this.

3. A goes to the little gym now. He gets offended though it you mentioned he was going to the little gym, he says "it is big!"

4. I decided I wanted to obtain an MBA degree, searched for schools, eliminated options based on different criteria, chose a school, applied, got admitted alhamdolellah, and registered for my first course just yesterday. I have to go to school and get a student card now. This last task item threw me into the reality of this all. I have become a university student, again!


Somayeh said...

Congrats Leila jan :-) You are doing two things that (at least up until now) I think I like to do in my life: 1- MBA 2- Running (though my dream is a marathon, but it probably has to start from a 10k)

Good luck in both :-) And hope that you share your experience here, so that dreamers without actions (i.e. me!) at least get to read what it feels like to accomplish these.

midnight/... said...

:) you r such an accomplished lady my dear S I am surprised if this dreamer (i.e. me) is going to be of any inspiration to that dreamer (i.e. u) but sure! Your wish is granted as much as I can.
I actually dont wanna do a Marathon, may be a triathlon? We shall c ;)

roya said...

Again Congrats :) Khoda Ghovvat :)
Can you also share your training schedule for 10K?

midnight/... said...

Thanks Roya I need that every day and hour :)
Sure I will. Stay tuned. I am supposed to run 3.5 miles! The problem is my thighs have grown heavy! But will fix that! ;)