Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haft Seen at Pepper Tree School of Los Gatos

That's what we did this morning, M and I.  We took our haft seen to A's school today and got the kids introduced to the items on the table.  Then gave them each a colored paper with "Happy Nowruz" on it and asked them to choose an item on the table and draw it.  Most of the chose t draw the goldfish or the apple.  A was acting more like a presenter and didn't want to participate in the activity.  He did not seem as excited as he did last year when we took a haft seen to his school.  I think he is growing up...


maman said...

I can imagine how cute he shoud be acting like that, khoda hefzesh kone
Happy Nowruz
Take care

midnight/... said...

He was indeed cute. Thanks Maman. Best to you and your kids!