Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Watched in 2012

Happy New Year!!!  Now this 2012 is here. Let's pray for the best!!

Finally on board to SFO.  It was a nice trip being away and within.  Only a few minutes of shut eyes.  Time to watch a couple movies and pass the time.  This Footloose was a fun-filled, music-filled, dance-filled movie; now I like to see myself dance a country line dance ha ha ... But seriously, I am a grown up now, for God's sake I am married with a job and I am a mother. What is with these teenage dreams?  May be they are not dreams anymore as much as they are my youth lost in the cave of the passing time. While watching my movie with interruptions, I pause and just watch A, crooked seemingly comfortably in his seat, watching his movies.  I watch his eyes, his nose, his unrolling hair, his now toothless mouth and my heart wells with joy and grace and gratefulness.  I think he is the best thing on this earth, God bless and protect him!


Somayeh said...

Happy 2012 to you, M, and toothless A! (Imagining him losing teeth just reminds me how fast time flies).

midnight/... said...

Aah thanks Somayeh joon! Yeah tell me about it! He is not even close to 7 though, he is just in rush to grow up it seems.