Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Unique Golden Globes

I had the time blocked on my calendar.  I was excited that after the afternoon birthday party we were invited to there was another nice event to look forward to in this Sunday afternoon.  This was the first time in my movie loving life that there was an Iranian movie nominated for the Golden Globes.
From the fifth minute I felt this excitement inside, would A Separation win the Foreign Language Film I wondered.  More than an hour passed when Madonna introduced the nominees and M was certain they wont won I was certain ... They did win!  I shouted yay!  We were wondering who would have come to collect the Globe and thankfully the writer/director Asghar Farhadi was present.  Also the leading actor Peyman Moadi.  I obviously had nothing to do with the movie, I had just watched it and praised it.  But it was a prideful moment.

We had watched the winning motion picture just this past Friday, The Adventured of Tintin, and all three of us had for the first time enjoyed watching a movie.  Totally fun and exciting enough to keep you along with a five and a half year old happy in the theater room.

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