Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Am Duality

A grounded, vast, stable soul; the Sahara
A constantly moving, boundless, carefree open-hearted nomad; the midnight breeze
A chosen one able to hear God; the Saint
An explorer, delving in this alluring life; the Child
A calm, observing, kind, humble, giving person; the Heavens
A self centered, proud, ambitious type; the Mountain
A wise, enlightened soul, transforming fire to a flower garden; the Ebrahim
A desirous body, burning the frozen hearts; the Saba
A seeker of the unknown, a visionary by heart; the Soul
A seeker of the unknown, all the senses arouse; the Self


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written. A lovely scene. Thinking what it means to the writer.

Anonymous said...

Your faithful readers are getting lonely to hear from you.

midnight/... said...

Oh! My apologies. And how flattering! Thanks! I had run out of creative writings I suppose.