Friday, March 29, 2013

One Foggy Morning in Spring

It was dimly light. A foggy early morning in Spring.  The bird of the recent days was chirping sweetly outside the closed curtains.
He rolled his head and looked at her.  Her eyes were already open.  She smiled.
He smiled back and propped himself on his elbow, looking down at her sleepy eyes.  She told him about her joyful dream, he laughed and gave her a kiss.  She then told him about her plans for the day.  He made a couple suggestions.  Then got up to make breakfast.  Her favorite instant coffee was ready when she got out of shower.
They walked the kids to school and head back home.  But the hills were too charming to be ignored.  They set up the hills, embracing the foggy fresh air.  The muddy dirt under their feet making them slip every often, giving them an excuse to laugh at each others' clumsiness.  They found a more decent path and climbed some more before they set off on their decent.  They talked about the kids a bit, how one got excited at a recent news and how the other was troubled with a recent mishap at school.  Then switched to their plans for their upcoming vacation.
They were already home now.  And one hour late for work.  Yet, hundred hours ahead in life.


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Sounds like a fun morning indeed.

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:) yeah!