Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Missing Thing

A girl friend.
The thought of it makes me feel so lonely. The thought of confessing to it, even more so.
Once my aunt asked me about a series of questions the answers to which would tell you about you... So there is a road ... It ends to a hut... You open the door... There is a table... What's on the table? I said a bowl of fruit. She said you like company and you care for your friends.
I do. Both.
But I miss my friends. Someone who cares deeply for me.  You has my back. Who is strong when I'm weak and who shares her weaknesses with me wanting my strengths.
I am so lonely here. May be it is like so everywhere.


Somayeh said...

Physical distance ... The real culprit of separating friends (and family) and making everyone feel lonely more or less, at one point or another. While some people may be good at keeping relationships alive while afar, typically distance dilutes relationships, and it takes time, luck, and persistence to built new ones... If it makes you feel less lonely, there are so many lonely people around the world! Maybe, this shared experience of loneliness in itself can help bond new relationships once in a while ...

midnight/... said...

Thanks Somayeh! All you said is true. I agree that luck has a great role in this situation, to be lucky enough to find whom you can befriend and vice versa... But all the rest too.