Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Best in Town

He did it, starting a business I mean, from scratch and with very little monitory investment albeit huge stamina.
I feel proud of my brother.
He was always full of ideas. Many people are perhaps. But his ideas were big yet achievable. As I watched him grow and the years passed, I witnessed how he was getting closer: in the end 1) he knew what he wanted to do and could explain it 2) he seemed to know how to do it 3) he seemed to know he could do it.
Now he started a new business despite all the hurdles. He showed flexibility when hardship surfaced. He showed perseverance when things failed. And he showed leadership by guiding the village to raise his baby business. I am sure it is the best in town.
Now, he is looking at the next business and I know he can do it. So very proud of him!

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midnight/... said...

If you are in Isfahan I recommend finding "Romaren" and enjoy! Can't wait myself to try it.