Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Joys of Womanhood

She was sitting in front of the big mirror by the window in the bedroom and the morning light was shining directly at her hair. She was trimming her eyebrows; tweezers in one hand, small mirror in the other, and the big mirror standing in front of me.  She turned slightly more towards the sun holding her little mirror in front of her eyes. The rays of sun were on her eyebrows now. With infinitesimal movements, She would see a new strand of hair on her forehead and eyebrows in the small mirror, each slightly different in color.  Black, darker brown, lighter brown, colorless.  Some thicker, some thinner.  Some longer, some shorter.
Tweezers in hand, she started examining each hair and its location and its relative location in comparison to the rest.  She had grown more fearless about shaping her eyebrows now after thirteen years of "womanhood". She started trimming.
When she thought the job was done, she looked in the big mirror. She saw a woman, smiling at her, with not so perfect eyebrows, but grateful for little joys of womanhood.

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