Monday, May 26, 2014


How I felt the first time I met him. Curled up; closed eyes; wide open mouth, crying. Overwhelmed with birth I suppose.  I cried too, overwhelmed with a newly discovered love that suddenly filled up my whole being.

Today he is a big kid. Not quite a little man yet.  Oblivious to the world and immersed in his little world. Not much curled up anymore.  He is walking upright now. Eight years has passed. I watch him grow...

I know I have grown with him; I still feel like a student in the parenthood class.  Everyday a new challenge. Everyday a new joy. Everyday a new exam.  I receive more failed points I feel than well-done awards. I'm praying.  I pray for the good in the world to always be with him!

Happy 8th Birthday my little boy! Mommy loves you! Always and always...

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