Friday, May 16, 2014

To Teach What Was Never Mastered

I took the kids to the park yesterday.  It was the first time the little angel was sitting in a sandbox.  She seemed amused by the texture and feel of sand. Took her a few minutes to get acclimated and feel at ease. Finally she started exploring around, pulled a toy truck toward herself and started toying around, occasionally grabbing a fist full of sand letting it dripple down her fingers.
My sunny son went right to business, bringing over all the trucks, putting them in line and digging out sand to be carried by the trucks.
In the mean time a little boy, may be 3 or 4 years old, stepped into the sandbox. Very calmly and rightfully he came over and took two of the trucks my son was playing with. His dad noted that he had to share to which in broken words he responded "this is mine".  He toddled away with the trucks all the while looking back at my son as if anticipating a reaction. My son was just looking at him in disbelief I suppose.  The little boy played with the trucks for two minutes or so and finally left them there and climbed out of the sandbox. At this point A came out of his trans and continued playing.
I wish I told him to feel free to share but feel free to speak up for yourself too.
I feel like I'm playing in the adult version of a sandbox in a day to day basis. People claiming my work. People leaving me in trans by acting so rightfully and knowingly selfish. People doing the wrong and anticipating the right.   People reacting childishly to another's attention and immediately calling for attention towards themselves.  People ruling around in their unruly mannerism.  People so territorial yet protesting anyone's right to their work labeling them as uncollaborative.  And people like me.  Speechless and baffled by their selfish unfair behavior.
I wish I had learned to speak up when I was playing in a sandbox. And now I wish to teach what I never mastered.

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