Thursday, July 24, 2014

My First Trip to Japan

I left home with a heavy heart. Saying goodbyes was too hard, hardest than ever indeed. The flight direction didn't help either. The fact that we set off over the Pacific Ocean  heading to an island called Japan made me feel further away from my family.  I found my tears welling in my eyes a few times during the 11+ hours of trip forcing me to want to keep busy.
We left at 11AM and arrived at 3PM after 11 hours of chasing the sun.
The hot and humid weather of Osaka airport welcomed us. It was hard to breathe in the thick air. It took us another 45min of cab ride to arrive at Kobe city all the while passing industrial ports and areas.
Our hotel is located on the Kobe Port Island. The room was conveniently air conditioned which was a blessing. After a short rest we headed for dinner at a local buffet which served American food.
So far based on my observation,the cost of goods are comparable to US.
I slept from 8:30pm to 1:15am. It was hard to sleep after that.
First day of work has been filled with presentations and meetings. Espesifically we attended an all Japanese seminar.  Jet lag kicked in too early that afternoon.
I got to face time with family which was both happy and sad.

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