Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lost in the News

The poet is dead... God bless her soul!
The comedian ended his life... Rest in peace!
The truce is over. A truce is a promise. A promise is to be kept. This irony!
The so called "Islamic" killers are fighting Islam, religion, humanity.
The police who is supposed to protect citizens is clashing with them in the amours of an army, protecting itself.
The virus is threatening the world.
The schools have commenced. Kids with new backpacks. Kids with new hopes. Kids with no money for the "free" lunch.
Religious leaders leading agains humanity at one end of the world.
Religious leaders uniting in harmony, acceptance, divine spirit, in another end of the world.
And God said I would never leave the earth empty of those who truly hear me. I certainly hope so!

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