Thursday, April 23, 2009

Untamably B.L.U.N.T.

  • Had not heard from him for ages, got a message today "yours truly"
  • Never try to decode my code
  • She has missed me so much she cried
  • He thinks if she was not who she is he was the happiest man
  • She, the architect, is going back to school to learn German language
  • He read me the poem he had written thirteen years ago
  • She covered her wall with pictures of one boy: her son
  • 30+/-3-year-olds have gone strangely strange
  • The above statement is fueling new words in my head
  • She licked the ice cream made of the wildest berries
  • She thinks it is the spring smell
  • She loves the smell of orange blossoms
  • He writes
  • She believes it is the number 30
  • She cannot resist the odor of pepper and sandal wood
  • She took a picture of her wildest look
  • She became a human right activist, got hurt several times, still persisting
  • She found the greatest pleasure in her life doing what people said she could not do
  • He started his new business doing what we were not taught at school
  • She scared a cat running, a dog scared her; She thinks the universe can claim harmony
  • U are the sacred secrete she'd never write about

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