Thursday, February 10, 2011

Earthly Love

It can be a browny. A rich chocolaty munch that leaves sticky residue on your fingers, even on your teeth.

It can be a mocha made for the love of it. Carefully melted chocolate in perfectly brewed coffee.

It can be a strangely delicious ice-cream. Bought in a local creamery, made with the passion of being other than ordinary.

It can be a dish of Pra Ram Thai cooked artistically in the kitchen of a small Thai place in the middle of nowhere.

It can be a home made pizza with added love of artichoke hearts, the fruit of love.

Or a traditionally made fessenjoon cooked in aunt Sh.'s kitchen with just the right amount of sour and right amount of sweet and the prefect burgundy color shining beneath the sparkling walnut oil.

It can be a green salad made with local organic greens and fresh figs from the backyard of the house of a beloved friend to be shared at a pot luck early evening dinner party.


There indeed is joy in earthly loves!


Azi said...

Loved it! But reading it was not a good idea when I was starving! ;)

midnight/... said...

Hold on till Monday my friend!;) can't wait!