Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simply Living

It was a sunny but cold Sunday morning.

Despite the empty parking spots I parked far away from the store and walked for a while under the sun to warm up a bit.  I grabbed a shopping basket and headed right to the isle I knew I could find what I was looking for.  I noticed older couples shopping together.  There were noticeably more bouquets of flowers.  Roses were the norm for valentine; hence, I would buy daises I thought.

I imagined my dish.  Looked good.  I was certain I had gotten what I needed.

Walked toward the cashiers when I got invited to the just emptied one right at the very end.  There was a blond guy there greeting me.  I didn't notice his eyes.  What color were they I thought later but didn't remember.  He asked if I needed a flower bag for my flowers.  Took me a few seconds to say "yes please; I just had my car washed".  He laughed while obediently putting the flowers in the bag explaining he had also washed his car when he took his dog for a walk by a brook and only remembered it after the dog had jumped on the back sit after the walk.  I said "too late" sarcastically.  He asked "do you speak Farsi?" to which I responded positively.  He said "I thought so".  Oh!  How?  Interesting!  He handed me my bag and said "rooz bekheir" with a nicely pronounced "kh" I was impressed.  But I said "same to you, have a nice day" and left the store thinking why I didn't say it back in Farsi.  Or why I hardly looked into his eyes to remember what color they were.  I concluded I didn't feel like so, I rather just vanished away.

Remembered A.Z. and her description of complimenting strangers post a Starbucks stop we had a couple weeks ago. I smiled to myself.

Walking back to my far away parked car I thought I needed an antique flower pot with miniature roses for the window sill above my kitchen sink.

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