Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little too womanly

The color NUDE

That's what I fancy in make up lately. Got myself a nude lipstick late last year.  I was shopping for a few other ladies picking burgundy and pink and red for them. Until I spot this "perfectly nude" one.  I always wanted to try nude on me. As I would never try lipstick in the drugstores and department stores I had to buy it.  I brought it home and carefully opened the seal and then the cap.  Looks good.  I tried it on ... hmmm ... too pale?   too different?  too unlike my other make up colors? ... I thought I wont use it again; it was too colorless.  It was too daring.  You always want more color on your lips and it is totally out of ordinary to make your lips less colorful than they are!

Some how though as I tried it here and there again and mixed it with other make ups it appeared very harmonious with my complexion I thought. So I  kept it and kept using it.  I realized the other day that it's being consumed way faster than all other colors I had, even my orange one! I must say though I love the orange so much I don't want to run out of it. So I'm being frugal with its consumption.

Last week I bought a cinnamon nude nail polish. Ah love its color!

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