Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cherished Coffee

When I was living in Toronto, I had assigned coffee shops for each friend.  Therefore, it was not the coffee that brought me there but the fond memories.  Even the ambiance of each particular shop, even the chain ones, reminded me of the feelings and communicated thoughts in presence of the individual friend.
The trend continued with me in Bay Area, more or less.  Not as strongly I admit, since I do share coffee shops; still, the couple very special ones are reserved for the couple very special friends.
This afternoon, driving home, something really sweet happened.  I was on the phone with my darling RN.  She told me that it was the National Coffee Day today and wished we could have coffee together today.  And then, sipping coffee while on the phone with me, she brought up the point concluding that she was actually having coffee with me on such a day.  I smiled to myself, admiring my instinct for saving the one special coffee place for this real friend.


Anonymous said...

Never realized that you thought that way about coffee places but now that I know, it makes a ton of sense. I miss the cafe but glad to have a friend.

midnight/... said...

I know!