Sunday, July 8, 2012


You left.  You just turned around and walked your drooping shoulders out of my sight.  I was watching you from the opening of the door, left wide open behind you.
I felt a pain in the middle of my chest watching you go.
I asked you to leave.  As simple as that.  And you left.  As simple as that.
I thought you would protest.  I thought you would be shocked.  I thought you would pick a fight.
But you just sighed, turned around, and walked out the door.
I thought you were in love.
The pain in my chest was blocking my throat.  I got up; and closed the door.


Anonymous said...

He got a few feet from the door, stopped to think about what was happening, and turned around to find the door.......

Great story, wondering if there was a second chapter in your head. Romance novelist:)

midnight/... said...

Thanks for the note! No sequel intended at this point. It was just an overflow of imagination at the time. Are you a novelist?

Anonymous said...

An active imagination but no novelist. The door seemed very cold like an office door but the story changes if you imagine a castle door.