Friday, December 28, 2012

Las Vegas

After 12 years I came back here on vacation even though work has brought me here a few times in between which does not count.  I think in A's eyes this should look like a Nickle City or Chuck-e-Cheeses but for grown ups.
I truly do not enjoy gambling.  Haven't stopped at one station yet.
Today we walked, and walked, and walked almost the whole day.  I hope I have shed some extra pounds (beyond what is needed for the baby) today.
What is really nice about this trip though is how family is with us.  It is great from all angles.  Many partners to chat with, many occasions to laugh, and several people to watch A at any time.  He seems really relax and happy.  I am so happy for him.
What is the nagging thought ruining my so called "vacation" is "work".  I woke up thinking about it and am going to bed after working several hours non stop on it.  Everyone tells me to relax and enjoy but I can do neither although I try to at least enjoy the memory of it all.


Shab said...

Oh God, I don't believe it was 12 years ago that we were in your place back home, and you were sharing with us your experiences from that one year in Canada. I don't remember much about the detail of the information, but I do remember one thing: Your stories about the US (from a ten day trip) were more than the stories about Canada :)) Probably, you don't remember that ;) May be I am wrong, but I think, I am happy for you living in the country that did catch you more, hahaha

midnight/... said...

Thanks Shab joonam! This is so sweet. I do remember being back home after one first year abroad and meeting you my dear friends but not the details of the conversations. Miss you!