Saturday, May 11, 2013

Broken to Pieces

It was toward the end of a mild day, getting chilly by the minute. The valley underneath was glowing orange from the setting sun. The sky of the east was already darkening with purple and pink cloudseven though  the sky of the west was glowing fire.
She pulled the shawl around her shoulders tightly; couldn't convince herself to walk back. Not yet.
She started walking again along the edge, looking down at the valley occasionally. She liked to be able to look at the setting sun and the loving sky around it. But the weight of the pain in her chest made her head fall down. She was looking in front of her steps. Wondering what it all meant.
All the memories flooding back to her. How they met. How they mingled. How through her she got to know herself better. When they became special in each othes' life. When they fell apart geographically but never in her heart. How she trusted her.
How she said all those words.
She thought so highly of her, she couldn't believe her words.  Just couldn't believe it. The only evidence was her broken heart.
The sun had set.
May be there will be another day for new words.

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