Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Notes from a Woman with a Bump: Sleepless Nights

Lately, I dread the sleeping hours.  There is no position I wont feel uncomfortable in the bed (already given up on feeling comfortable).  My bump is absolutely on the way, it presses on my weakened stomach and gives me heart-burn, and my hips pain under all the extra 42 lbs of weight they have to endure.  Plus I get hot and thirsty and if I drink water, there is no way I can get back to bed without even more acid reflux.
I have a body pillow to support my hips, I have a bottle of Thums beside my bed, and a couple pillows to prop my torso in a seated position when laying on the side wears out.  Yet, the combination of all don't help more than 2-3 hours.
Then, I just get up, pacing in the house, drink some water and pace some more, and eventually turning on my laptop and work some.  Or blog some.  Like now at 2:31AM while I have been up since 1:50AM.
I feel truly welcomed to the 9th month of pregnancy!


Anonymous said...

And still elude a beautiful pregnant glow!

midnight/... said...

I hope so. I don't know, people say that a lot to me but I think they are being too kind knowing that I have black circles below my eyes and started to look puffier... Anywho! Thanks! :)

Nasime said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was waking up every 30 minutes. But it sure worth the reward that you are getting pretty soon. Wish you all the best.

midnight/... said...

So true; all is good alhamdolella. I am savouring the memories :)