Sunday, November 2, 2014

CNN Anthony Bourdain on Iran

I really enjoyed watching this episode of Anthony Bordain's; his experience in Iran.  He seemed appalled by welcoming Iranians and the versatility of the culture. Truly he witnessed the clash of the guards with filming for example yet nothing overshadowed the liveliness of the culture and people.

I appreciated his fair remarks on his observation. I even appreciated the background music, from Persian Dastgaah to Kurdish and even Southern Bedouin themes. That's the reality, Iranians are Persians and Arabs and Kurds and Turks and all the rest. As beautiful as wholesomeness.

Merci Anthony Bourdain for such a real depiction of the land of Persia!


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Anonymous said...

That link is about Jason Rezaian who worked with Bourdain in Iran and has been in jail over 100 days. So sad given his love of Iran and passion for showing the country to Westerners

midnight/... said...

Agreed. That is the sad part.
Alas there is injustice happening everywhere, including the land of free. The beauty of this program was that it was fair by showing the corruption in Iran and also the welcoming demeanor and liveliness.
We don't know all the details of this specific case. I pray for justice and I hope that we all judge fairly and be judged with grace.

Anonymous said...

I guess in "He seemed appalled ...", you meant to use another word instead of appalled. Appalled means horrified or distressed, dismayed; it has a negative connotation. Probably, shocked would be a better word in this context for what you meant to say.