Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful I Am

I am thankful for this four day holiday; My favorite for the past nine years living in the United States of America!
I am thankful for friends and relatives who have invited us to their feast every year!
I am thankful for yet another birthday coming up soon right after this down time to pause and reflect on the year that's gone!
I'm thankful for the alarm that goes off at 5:55AM similar to every other weekday because I forgot to turn it off on this Thanksgiving Thursday reminding me to remember the little things!
I am thankful for my sunny son who slips his frozen limbs under the blanket at 6AM giving me unwelcomed shivers reminding me that I was warm all night!
I am thankful for my little angel vailing at 6:30AM reminding me of nights she used to wake up every 1.5 hours and how grateful I am for the stretch of night sleeps she grants me these days!
I am grateful for my hubby encouraging me to exercise even in the middle of the night in the tag of war over our blanket!
I am grateful for my long hair and the joys of feeling it's fluff on my bare back!
I am grateful for my father who is always in my thoughts not knowingly giving me guidance when I ask myself "what would my dad do if he were in my shoes?"!
I am grateful for my mom whose kindness has solidified my belief in God!
I am thankful for a job that's flexible and challenging me to be persistence and calm!
I'm thankful for my sisters and brothers who are always there for me!
I am thankful for my friends, all of them, here, there, in Iran, in France, in Canada, in UK, in Astralia, in Germany, in Italy, in Malasia, in New York, in Minnesota, in Massachusetts, in Texas, in  San Digeo, in LA, in the Bay Area!
I am thankful for Viber putting me in daily contact with my friends and relatives!
I am thankful for the turkey awaiting to be eaten this afternoon!
I am thankful for the bakers who are making the pastries we are going to take to our relatives this afternoon!
I'm thankful for my tiny house and lesser mortgage providing me the freedom to spend and invest more freely!
I am thankful for the fire in the fireplace and the boiling kettle on the stove!
I am thankful for the friends of the Path!
I am thankful for this sunny morning and all the disturbing noises of nags and cries and unsuitable music and computer games around this house this morning because I love all the noisy people making the noises!
I am thankful for being thankful!
I am thankful for you reading along till this point!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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