Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four Years

Four years ago at such a night we were all still in the post labor ward. Arman was not even one day old yet. I was drained but happy. M was drained and drained. A was... hungry?

Well, today that tiny baby who didn't know how to feed himself to survive demanded for a dinosaur cake, cut his cake himself, and shared the goody bags among his classmates at preschool. Gosh was I happy!


Somayeh said...

Happy Birthday to A :-) Wish you happy family years of happiness ahead.

midnight/... said...

Thanks doctor joon 4 ur nice wishes!

Anonymous said...

Azizam che maahe tooye in aks :) in fesghel khan che zood bozorg shod :) kheili tavalodesh mobarak va omidvaram ke hamishe khandoon o salamat bashe. kheiliiiii dooosesh (et) daram :)