Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Week at BSC R&D - For Now

This is the last few days I am spending in the R&D department here. I am an engineer and I am good at what I am doing yet I am trading it with a role I hardly have any experience with and still aim to excel. I have left my comfort zones several times before and I find this another similar experience. It is still a very strange moment in my life; exciting, scary, unknown, aspiring.
The positive point is that I am still going to be in the same division and hence in contact with most of the people that matter to me. I am glad I am leaving my department in good terms and with great relationships with my managers.
And then on the Marketing side I have a unique manager I cannot wait to work for. He struck me the first time I met him in a neurovascular forum as a very confident and marketing savvy person; he was tall and confidently loud and came across as a very knowledgeable and fearless professional. What is amazing about him is that despite his very high rank in his department he is very approachable and despite being such an achieved professional he is really humble. I feel blessed.
For now I have to finish a couple engineering deliverable and then start packing. I think tavakkol be khodaa I am ready to head for the new chapter in my career life.


Anonymous said...

In Farsi we say '' Derakht har che porbar tar , sar be zirtar''. I think being approachable and humble is amust, no matter which rank we are holding, what is our background, how much money we make, etc., Enjoy your new division and stay active!

maman said...
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maman said...

What is your new department?

midnight/... said...

Sure anonymous u r rite!
Maman it's the marketing dept.
By the way I haven't removed any comment I'm so surprised to see that!!?!

maman said...

I actually removed it myself because I wrote "what is your new division and that was a wronjg question" because you said it is the same division. sorry,I changed it :).

midnight/... said...

Oh no problem then maman e aziz; I am glad it was nothing major I missed. Thanks for the clarification.