Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bluest Blue

The nature around Rocky Mountains close to Colorado Springs is spectacular!  I had never seen such a scenery before in my life.  The blue of the sky in contrast with the white of the fluffy clouds and red of the rock standing tall on the ground is magnificent.
We hiked in The Garden of the Gods, and a well-deserved name.  The scenery was unique yet was as humble as red and white dirt and plush green.
We also climbed to the top of Seven Falls.  Such a beautiful nature!
I truly enjoyed what I saw and I was so happy to witness it all with my family.  Perhaps the fact that I had no expectation in my head about what I would see made it all ever more so pleasant.


Anonymous said...

So happy you saw the beauty that the mountains bring! Have fun

midnight/... said...

Thanks kindly!