Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Irish American in the Family

The American wedding was in the backyard of a French restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.  They already had their Iranian wedding conducted a few weeks ago in presence of the parents.  It was time to celebrate their love the American way.

It was a pleasantly warm evening. To reach the venue one had to go through an underground path and come back up a few flies of steps.  There were two rows of tables and chairs facing a small patio on top of a few steps where the Reverend was standing. All the guests were seated in their designated spot when the bride merged up from the stairs.  She was smiling sweetly.  She was so beautiful and elegant!

The reverend was the father of the groom. He seemed like a very kindhearted father.  His ceremony was heart filling; he touched our soles with his quotes from the holy Bible, the holy Qur'an and poems of Hafez.

It was truly a pleasure to meet the groom's family that night and feel how affectionate they were toward the new bride. Such a kind and warm family!  This is what I call the beauty in an American wedding when the families already knew each other and particularly the bride and groom.  It was obvious how close they all were, and how welcoming and loving they all were toward my cousin. After the ceremony when I introduced myself to new relative whom I learned was his cousin, I introduced myself as the cousin of the bride; he cheerfully corrected me "we are all cousins now".

My cousin H married Mr J last night; she is an architect, he is an Irish Literature prof; and they look heavenly together.  I know she is loved.

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