Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oxford Mark

I was sitting on a bench in front of an old building (hardly remarkable here) and opposite to the Oxford Library minding my own business and watching people.  I was thinking about how much I have been thinking.  No one to talk to really except to myself in my own head.  Then I thought, to myself, that I wouldn't be a good talker right now any way with hardly any sleep last night.  Then I thought how it was that people came to Europe and met new people.
Right then here came a young man, probably my age, and sheepishly sat on the other side of the bench and murmured something.  I assumed he asked if he could sit there and I completely ignored I heard any thing, because I hardly did.  He had a cup of coffee in one hand and a wrap and a banana in the other.  I debated in my head, do I need coffee?
Soon after he sat down he started asking a couple questions, first or second of which was whether I was living in Oxford or I was there just for pleasure.  I responded that I was there for business and after that we didn't stop talking for the next three hours!!
His name was Mark, a hardware engineer working for a start up company near Oxford.  He liked outdoor activities like rock-climbing and rafting.  He had been to Colorado in 2005.  We talked about energy and food and society and politics and economy.  All the subject which needed a present mind which I didn't have.  But it seems I managed to carry on well because he invited me to a drink:
Early in the conversation I told him how crazily tired I was and how I was just waiting for my hotel to call me and anounce that my room was ready; I wished for a couple hours of nap.  Still after the quick chats, when he was almost done with his wrap, he suggested if I wanted to have a drink with him.  He said he was fairly new to Oxford and didn't know many people and would appreciate the company.  We walked to the other side of the street and to Malmaison the building of where was a renovated prison!
He mentioned in the middle of his talks that he would accompany me to dinner if I wanted to.  I had told him earlier that I wanted to attend a community call at 7PM, which is about the Fasting Month that begins tomorrow, yet he said may be I wanted to still dine out afterwards to which I didn't really comment.  I really didnt know if I wanted to have his compny while dinning, or even if I would have dinner at all.  I regret it slightly now as I do want to dine and I would appreciate his company.
He walked me to my hotel and then said "see you" as goodbye and I wonder what that means.  Is he really going to come back for dinner?  He just knows my first name and that's all.  Nah he wont come back.  And I wish we had arranged for some form of contact. ...  He will just be remembered through this post.

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